Coil Curler Hair Gel


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The Coil Curler Hair Gel is a curl enhancing gel that will hold your hair's natural curl pattern even after it air dries, all without getting hard and without shrinking!

Other benefits include:

  • Conditions and controls natural curls 
  • Lightweight with no sticky residue
  • Soft to medium hold
  • Fragrance free
  • Made by a professional hairstylist

The Curl Coiler Hair Gel can also be used in dry hair to add definition.

Ingredient superstars:

  • Vitamin B5- helps with hair growth
  • Aloe- conditions the hair, promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff, prevents itching 
  • Glycerin- pulls moisture from the air, allowing the hair to become more moisturized 


Simply apply the hair gel to wet hair, preferably right after shampooing and conditioning. Towel dry hair before using the Coil Curler Hair Gel and allow the hair to air dry. A blow dryer with diffuser can also be used to dry hair.