Signature Reversible Satin Bonnet


100% satin reversible bonnet in the by L. Jones signature print on one side, and black on the other side. Has a one-inch band around the perimeter in order to make it more secure to ensure your bonnet stays on all night. Satin bonnets help protect the hair from breakage and help the split ends not split as fast.

Customer Reviews

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Ms. T
Bedtime Cute

I love this bonnet: it is soft, not itchy and does not tug at my hair. The band is not too tight but also not too loose. The size of the bonnet is perfect for my head but also accommodates hair rollers if I decide to sleep in them. I would recommend and repurchase.

Deirdre Hutson
Signature Reversible Satin Bonnet Review

I love my Signature Reversible Satin Bonnet. It helps me protect my hair from losing moisture.

Cynthia I.
I like!

This satin bonnet is great! The band feels good,not too tight and doesn't snag. It is secure,roomy, and it's not laying on my pillow or in the bed somewhere when I wake up. My only con is that it is a bit thin but I would purchase another one.