Pre Poo Hydrating Hair Mud Mask


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This Pre Poo Hydrating Hair Mud Mask will soften up even the driest hair. Damaged hair is no match for the mud mask, as it contains mud from the dead sea which has several minerals and vitamins that help the hair become healthier. No protein is included in the Pre Poo.

Ingredient Superstars 

Calcium-contributes to thicker, fuller, hair

Silica- stops premature shedding

Magnesium- counters premature hair loss

Iron- helps with hair loss

Clay- removes dead skin cells and toxins from scalp, encouraging natural hair growth

Glycerin- pulls moisture inside the hair & helps retain it

Aloe- promotes hair growth, prevents itching, reduces dandruff, conditions hair, leaves hair shiny

Rose water- replenishes hair moisture, makes hair shiner, smoother, and more manageable

Potassium- nourishes scalp and treats dandruff


Helps hair to appear thicker and fuller

Helps to repair any hair porosity issues

Keeps scalp clean by removing dead skin cells as well as toxins

Helps stop breakage

Helps stop itching

Helps hair to become less tangled

Reduces dandruff 


To use as pre poo, wet hair thoroughly with hot water, then towel dry. Apply mud mask generously to hair & cover with by L. Jones processing cap. Sit under a hooded dryer for 20-30 before rinsing. Proceed with your normal shampoo routine

To use as a deep conditioner, shampoo hair twice, and rinse well each time. Apply mud mask and let sit 20-30 min. Rinse completely, apply leave-in conditioner, and style as usual.

Use the Pre Poo Mud Mask at least once per month, but it can be used each time you shampoo if you prefer to use it more often.


aloe, rose water, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetyl Alcohol (and) Butylene Glycol, silt, bentonite, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol (and) PEG-40 castor oil (and) stearalkonium chloride, glycerin, cetrimonium chloride, fragrance, benzylalcohol

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

I like this product everytime use it, my hair gets healthier and it grows faster.

Meisha Shedrick
Pre poo hydrating mud mask

It need to be mixed well, it was very chunky, it work wonders on my 7 months post relaxed hair.

Annitra Williams

This mask is wonderful.

Tangala Wilkes
Great product

Love it made my hair so soft and manageable after the first use.

Great Product!

My hair felt soft and moisturized. My hair is thin and relaxed. The product left my hair looking fuller and not stringy like other products I’ve tried. I will definitely buy again.