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Healthy Relaxed Hair Challenge

Healthy Relaxed Hair Challenge

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The Relaxed Hair Challenge is a 30 day challenge that will help you get closer to your healthy hair goals. It will include tips that founder/CEO/healthy hair expert, LaToya Jones will personally send to you once a day for 30 consecutive days. Don't worry, each tip will be a tip that can easily be done by you. 

Also, LaToya will do one live video conference per week to answer any questions you have and to see your progress.

AND... You'll also get 4 hair tutorials taught by LaToya (one per week). Everyone will be encouraged to try at least one tutorial and send in pics. The person who does the best job duplicating the hairstyle in the tutorial will win a CASH PRIZE!

LASTLY, you'll get exclusive offers to purchase by L. Jones products at a special price just for being part of the challenge!